May 14, 2008

Post Management

I don't want to have too many posts, so that people can find the first few blogs about how to post, easier. So, when I add new names, I will leave that post for a while but will eventually delete. We will just play with it and see how it goes. After a while, people will just have to look through list for the names.

Thank you

Class of 2000 has broken 100 mark

well, sorry for the delay in getting these new names added. We have been visiting my family in SF over the weekend and then super busy with garden, yard landscaping, and church calling stuff. Thanks for your patience!

We have now passed the 100 mark, we are currently a class of 102 classmates! So keep this going and thank you again to everyone for spreading the word and putting on the "peer pressure" as others have said.

New names added: Tiffany Palmer, Sage Hintze, Chelsie Lambert, Alisha Houghton, Michelle Hutchison, Tonya Ernst and Shannon Storrs.

Thank you also for the offers of helping maintain the blog. I will let you know if it gets too much.

There is a new link list on the side for other class blogs. Class of 1999 liked our idea and started one of their own, so i will post any other class blogs on the side. That way we will be able to contact those in different grades that we were also friends with.