Apr 9, 2015

Friends, exciting things are happening in preparation of this year's 15-year reunion. We have multiple resources to keep you informed and involved with all the planning and activities. Your support is critical to making this our best reunion yet! Many people have already donated their time and money, and now we need your help. One of our top priorities is to create a comprehensive and continuously up-to-date contact list of every member of our class. Our reunion is more than just catching up with old (older) faces--it's about promoting lasting beneficial relationships that go beyond mere association. Please update your information and the information of ANYONE ELSE YOU KNOW by commenting here, on Facebook, or Twitter, or by following this link. In the coming weeks, we will be mailing a save-the-date postcard to everyone's last known address. Also, periodically check your junk email folder to ensure that you are not missing out on reunion updates. That's all for now. We love comments!