Mar 27, 2009

Updated Finally...and ATTENTION private bloggers

Okay, so i have spent the majority of today, visiting EVERYONE'S blog since I hadn't in a while. It was good, because there are several of you have notified me of going private, but have left no email address for me to input, for others to request access. Changes are listed as follows:

Deleted blogs: Camille Tucket, Matt Jenkins, Andrea Locke, Byron Orton, Heather Taylor(is the wife to a classmate, not an actuall classmate...sorry for the mistake)

Blogs gone private: Jacque Sheen, Rianne Cross, Emilee Ellsworth, Alisha Houghton.

Blogs gone private that I need emails for: Matt Clark, Justin James.

Questions Blogs: I have a link for Ted Clark which is his wife's photography business and one for colby frazier that is his work. If anyone knows of a personal blog they may have, I would like to list those links as well.

I think that's it for now. If anyone out there has contact with any of the above, please try to get me the information that i am needing to fully update their link's.

thanks a ton, and sorry I've been a slacker. Thanks to those who have already emailed me their contact info, i appreciate it. Here is my address for those who still need to send me contact info if they want to be contacted for the 10 year reunion.

thanks again!!!

Testing, Testing, does anyone still use this blog? We have a new comer...

Hello friends out there. I am just checking to see if people still use this blog. I posted a couple of weeks ago and not one comment. Didn't know if this was a waste of time or not.

I was really wanting to try and find more people to add to our list. And if everyone could email me their addresses, don't post is hear, just in case of spammers. I want emails and if you have a permanent address, whether you have one of your own or wherever your parents are permanantely, then that would be great. That way you will get the information somehow for the next class reunion.

No, I am not in charge of it, just starting to build a contact list for the next one...don't know who to give it to. Maybe the school??? Or if anyone is out there that would know who is in charge of the next one, I would be glad to send the info their way.

The reason for doing this...I was not informed of the 5 year class reunion and was kind of bummed that I didn't know about it. I didn't want to miss out on the 10 year, so I have taken it upon myself to gather this info and find out who will be in charge, so that everyone (hopefully) can be contacted about the next one.

my email address is so please forward your contact info to me for the list.

Also, spread the word. Not many people visit this site anymore, at least from what I can see. So, please let others know i am trying to gather this info for everyone. Even if they don't have a blog, just contact information for any class of 2000 members.

And, if anyone has ideas of how we can find more people or tell others about this blog, please send them my way. I would appreciate it.

Oh yeah, Alisha Houghton has gone private and we have a new comer: Treanna Vorlage!