Dec 29, 2009

Trying to find people

Okay, we are currently trying to find those of classmates who are "lost". I was thinking of assigning out 5 names at a time to people who are willing to help search for them. Then get back to me the information you have found and invite them to the class blog or facebook group.

Also, there was a weird post on the last comment, i have deleted it. I do not want to make the class blog private, as people would not be able to find it. But, let me all know your opinions. They could find us through facebook group if they really needed to. And if anyone sees weird comments on here again, please notify me as soon as possible, so i can delete them.

I will be better about checking back on here. FAcebook is so much quicker and easier that i am doing most of my updating and informing on there now. But we will keep this thing running and those who want their information added, send it my way.