Dec 25, 2008

a lot of changes

so, there are a lot of changes to be updated but i will do those at another time as it is late, almost midnight, and i can not find paper n pen to write it all down.

Just letting everyone know i am getting the changes, and that I am just not able to check email very often so please bear with me. We are seriously considereing getting internet again. It is just too hard to keep in touch with my family, as i don't live near them and also with these blogs.

I want to send out a big thank you to Tim for doing that slideshow. Could I embed that? I would like too very much! It makes me giggle to see how goofy we all are in high school but then again we thought we were "IT" too!

Those of you who have gone private... I will get your email address added. Hopefully within a few days.

REally thanks again for everything and keep on spreading the word to those facebookers out there!

Don't evey give up on this blog. We have to keep it going because it's fun, i think, and as a good resource for the student council for our next reunion.

And to Rianne...I will get your friend emailed as soon as i can.

Hope everyone had a very merry christmas and hopefully a happy new year is on it's way!

Dec 2, 2008

Thank You and Changes updated

okay folks, so no way can i make it weekly to somewhere with the internet. Not with the three boys. it's impossible! We may give in and get it again, we shall see.

Jennifer Butler wanted to thank everyone for their help in getting her contact info for Mr. Keck. She has contacted him and things are in order. Thanks again for the response!

Changes made: Tiffaney Ostler has given me her email, so you may now request access. Also, tinffani Hakes and Candice Jones have both gone private.

thanks again for letting me know of changes, and please, keep sending any others you come into contact with about the blog. You facebookers, get the word out so we can get more added!