Oct 20, 2008

No more Internet

So, we are finally agreed to canceling our internet as it is not NEEDED really right now. I will still be checking email and blogs once a week or so through husband's work or the library. So still make posts and emails as I will get them, just know that i may not respond or update right away.

Thanks again! If it gets to be too big of a pain, I will be contacting someone to upkeep the class blog. If interested, please let me know.

A lot of changes...

Hello everyone, and sorry for taking so long to update things. Life is crazy with three boys and I am now in the Young Womens, so I am busy with those activities etc. and I just got a few more piano students so I now have 12 kids, which takes up more time then planned.

Anyway, the following people have gone private and their emails are listed by their link so you may request access: Sydnee Adams and Marie Makai

I finally updated Melissa Wilson's blog address to her current one.

And I got Nicole Cottam added to the list as a new comer.

And Casee Wilson no longer has a blog, so she has been removed.

Thank you again for keeping me posted on the changes and putting this blog to good use. I am still trying to figure out posting facebook links here. The class of '92 has figured it out and I am just waiting to hear back from him on that. Thanks again!!!