Apr 17, 2010

Donations through paypal...

Thank you to those who have already donated through paypal and the mail. We sure appreciate your willingness to help out, especially those who have said they won't be able to make it anyway, but just wanted to help. It TRULY is appreciated and we feel like we can start planning a little more.

Again, those that weren't aware, seeing as how i only posted and begged on facebook...i have set up a bank account solely for this graduating class. you may mail me a check donation, please post here if you need my address as i do not want it out there for all the world to see, or you may donate through paypal with the donate button here on the right.

Thank you again for the help and we have enough to rent the building so i will be getting that set in stone this week and we will have a date!!! More to come, please check here or the fb group often for more updates!