Nov 13, 2008

changes made

Tiffany Deveraux and Tiffaney Ostler have both gone private.

We have just added Ashley Armstrong and Matt Tibbs, so Welcome welcome!

Where is the world is......Mr. Keck???

So, Jennifer Butler asked if i could make a post for her. She is wondering if anyone has contact informaion for our sweet Mr. Elmo Keck? :) She is needing some music informatio or something in that regard and is needing help finding him.

If you have any information, please visit her blog or post here to let her know.

Thanks again!

Attention Tiffaney Ostler

You didn't post your email address so that people may request access to your blog. I have had a few people contact me asking how they can get your email... So, if you could, please post your address and I will get it added to your link.

If there are any friends of tiffaney's out there, please let her know we are looking for this information to update class blog.

Thanks again!