Jan 22, 2009

NEXT PROJECT: Embed tim's slide show...

So, i am going to attempt embeding tim's slide schow he created. Also, i was thinking, if there are any of you out there that want to dig through old photos... you could email them to me and I will create another slide show. Slide shows will just be posted on side bars. So, if interested in helping me gather photos, email away and I will get started. Let facebookers know as well, so we can get a lot of fun pics.

My email bjdcwilson _ 7 1 1 at msn dot com

please removed spaces and replaced spelled out words with symbols, as I am trying to avoid spammers...Is that really even possible? I am starting to wonder.

Thanks to all and I will look forward to those pics!

bloggers gone private and one new comer

So, a lot of people are going private, and I have finally found the time to update them.

Hillary Hall, Tiffaney Davies, and Krista Bingham have all gone private. Their emails are listed so you may request access.

Also, two new people, at least, new to the list, are: Brittaney Swearingen and Shellyce Bingham. They are also set up as new and private, so you will have to request access to them as well.

Sorry to everyone for the delay in getting these changes made. I hope to keep closer tabs on this since we have internet again.


i was scrolling through blogs and noticed jaque sheen has gone private. If anyone has contact with you, i need her email so that people can request access. If she wants them to be able to.

also, my comments on here are doing funny things. Some are getting deleted or not posting. Could all private bloggers please email me their emails they want listed on the class blog, for people to request access. I will make sure I have everyone who is private updated, along with the most current email address.

Thank you again.

Jan 12, 2009

Internet is back!

so, i couldn't take it anymore. We have the internet again. Pretty sad. We only lasted two months without it! This internet we have is a lot slower, but it'll work and it agrees with our budget right now.

I have a of people that have gone private and also a new comer, but blogger won't update my changes for somereason. So, i will keep trying and let you know of those changes when i can get it to save.

thanks again and i'm glad to be back. I will get that slideshow tim anderson did as well. bear with me, as i have a lot of updating to do with my slow connection.

keep spreading the word. Get those facebookers to start blogs up since that is all they will let me link here.